Jesus Fusion School

Are you ready to experience a Holy Spirit led life?

Our Vision

Students will be activated to live in Heaven here on earth in Christ Jesus and demonstrate the Gospel. They will see themselves in union (fused) with Jesus.

They will live in the JOY of His finished work where they will experience His intimacy and authority and impact the world around them, advancing the Kingdom of Heaven.

About Our School

What you will learn

Students will learn to see their identity in Christ and to live a life where the
supernatural is normal. Be activated in His joy, healing, the prophetic and all the gifts of
the Spirit.

Year One

Sit and soak in Jesus and enjoy the party!
– The focus is on knowing your identity in Christ and living a JOY filled life.
– Free people, free people and knowing your identity in the finished work will set
you free and activate a life of joy.
– Students will go through Romans 6 in depth with multiple translations. This study
will shed light on what it truly means to be dead to sin.
– Students will work through Winnie Banov’s Love Notes where they will have deep
revelations about what it means to be the Bride of Christ.
– Students will work through Georgian Banov’s book: Joy-God’s Secret Weapon for
Every Believer. This book focuses on living a life filled with joy where Jesus is the

Year Two

Learn how to lead strategically with Jesus and help throw the party for
new students!
– The focus is on leadership, communication, and learning how to build your
ministry with Christ in JOY.
– Jesus is looking and waiting for leaders to rise up and advance His kingdom.
Learning kingdom principles for leadership will give students the confidence to
not only lead but build up the kingdom of heaven and influence the world.
– Students will work through Galatians where they will deep dive into standing firm
on the finished work Gospel and always walk in the liberty it brings.
– Students will have focused teachings on leadership, communication, their 5-fold
ministry giftings, and workshops about what ministries they can start or get
involved in.
– Students will practice preaching/teaching throughout the school year on the
topics of identity, healing, or prophecy.

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